Are You Someone Looking To Create Solid Secure Secondary Income With Confidence Without Compromising Your Existing Job or Business?
However you earn income keep earning it BUT review below and evaluate our income option and how it can fit into your life without any form of compromise.
Greetings, we are Geoff and Marci Stedman. Welcome to our inquiry page to help you make a review of your options.
Review Our Private Shopping Club And Measure Us Against Any Business
Company Track Record of at least 20 years.
Financially Sound.. If you work with any form of direct selling company check their financials.
We are over 30 years old, stable strong and growing.
Our corporate manufacturer is 100% debt free and expanding.
Strong Management -- NEVER build with a company ran by people from sales/marketing or self professed leaders from their previous industry. A recipe for disaster
We have over 4000 staff to resource off, over 100's have higher degrees and PH.d's.
Consumable Products By ALL. So many companies have a product range that is far too narrow.
We compete directly with the major manufacturers. All of our products are HIGHLY consumable and are safer for our families, the environment and our pets. Key point of course they work, plain and simple our products are excellent or a member gets their money back.
Competitively Priced. Often direct selling companies try to justify their higher prices for "convenience, specialty etc" when that is completely NOT necessary. Their business model causes prices to be over priced.
We price our products directly against major supermarket brands, yet often superior in quality in many categories. We are clear our pricing needs to be where 98% of the consumers shop. People choose to shop with us since our overall product quality and shopping experience is better than they can find anywhere else.
High Reorder Rate. Many companies have sporadic shoppers and most companies have agents/consultants/distributors who sell to customers. This causes major break downs in consistent shopping habits and service (people move, might have been an impulse shop, distributors quit etc). When this happens repeat purchasing decreases therefore so does business stability.
Our shopping/business concept is a world's first for monthly repeat shopping habits. We are over 94% monthly re-order shopping. That is by far higher than any other form of business we've seen.We challenge anyone to show us higher documented stats..
Low Personal Production Requirement. Many companies have unrealistic quotas. When you combine that factor with the fact many products are often over priced many people find it very hard to "maintain" their personal quota. Often people end up "stocking up" on inventory just reach their quota to earn any income.
We all set up a private membership with our shopping club. People can start their shopping experience for less than $100. Many get a home introduction pack that ranges from $200-$400 but that is the very most anyone could ever invest to start up a business with our private manufacturer.
LOW ENTRY FEE. Often companies have a large start up investment for products that are outside normal shopping habits. That large start up is not needed in today's economy there is a better way. Often party plans need to by a "starter kit" to "demo" etc. That model is very out of date but unfortunately some people think it works. Often those "packs" need to be updated every season. Often people don't even think of the cost of that investment when they start but it is a very real expense that you carry. We challenge people in any form of referral sales to do their true numbers, we are sure you will be shocked.
Our Shopping Club is simple for shopping members. We all choose to simply redirect a small amount of our existing shopping budget to our shopping club. Most members shop for more than the low minimum simply because it is so easy to shop with us.
LOW ATTRITION. A massive breakdown in the "work from home industry in Direct Selling" is the attrition rate. It is called "churn and burn or burning the fields). This means how many people stop shopping/cancel on a monthly basis. With these business models people are constantly needing to fill in the front end (recruiting/selling) due to such a high amount of cancellations falling off the back end. That process is unsustainable. Sooner or later probably sooner (1-6 months) you will get VERY TIRED of this process and the high attrition and either choose to shop with your company for a while or cancel completely.
We have less than a 6% monthly attrition rate.. That means we are keeping our customers, therefore also our business partners. The rock solid base that gets created due to our products/value/system/convenience and honoring culture in our business ensures we build businesses to last. We do not burn ourselves out chasing new business due to excessive drop off rate.
TIMING/TERRITORIES. Often in direct selling companies people are sold the story they need to be in "First" to earn income or be the best. The First one in Wins and Last one in Loses mentality is rife in that industry. Often good honest people get caught up in the fantasy of being first.. Territories are also an issue. Many direct selling companies lock people in and out of territories. This limits your income, team work and ability to partner up and team up with other business partners for market expansion. If a company is real and their products are real neither of these mindsets/issues should be in place. If a business is real the business should grow with population and development. Think of it this way being first means in 2-20 years you can't be saying that (then how do you market your business/product). How can you find new business partners in the future if you think being first is best. This mindset not sustainable for a real business to grow. TRUE leaders need a platform to grow from.
NO RISK.. Often when people see this they are thinking of money which is very real and true. There are many untrustworthy business models in the world today and we need to be mindful and do proper due diligence in make decisions. We are often amazed at how many people fall into traps and schemes and lose money. But more important than money is REPUTATION.. People often don't consider the cost of their reputation when they engage in a particular business. Often the cost of loss is far higher in reputation than money but at times of course both losses are high. Each person has a different measurement of loss being acceptable. Well in our eyes no loss is acceptable.. If you working in a business model that doesn't have a strong 90 day unconditional money back guarantee for all consultants/distributors/agents and customers EMPTY container return policy your business model is flawed..
I'm always surprised to see people engaging in companies in today's global world when they are limited to where they can do business based on company territories. I understand of course compliance issues for corporate regulations but to limit a business builder from expanding where the company is legally registered to do business is very unfair. Our private manufacturer takes care of all legal requirements to our international expansion and also ensures we are well supported in both domestic and international markets. We are not bound my any form of local/international restrictions and that creates a very fair local and international business.
Our parent company a global leader in private manufacturing and offers a full unconditional 90 day Money back Guarantee on ALL products with our shopping concept. To know we can freely share our concept with no chance of anyone being hurt for any reason is very freeing. In today's world people are very cautious and rightfully so.. We can provide such a credible business concept to people with no chance of damage to their finances and more importantly their credibility is priceless.
Documentation beats Conversation.
If you are at a time in your life where certainty matters and making a difference in your life and other. Where not just talking the talk but walking the walk matters.. Where science based products matter (not just hype). Where a stable rock solid company that is recession proof matters we need to talk.. Yes we do have a recession proof business concept that has been in business and growing for over 30 years. With our experience and by evidence we believe we are just getting started, life is very exciting with what is being developed.
In today's world of abundant possibilities and means of earning income, if you are NOT earning passive/residual income your business model is flawed.. Passive income is when you earn continuous income after the activity to earn that income is finished as long as the customer you set up is still a customer. (Imagine records, books, etc). There really is no true passive income in the world (even though many say there is). We believe our 94% + monthly shopping re-order rate is incredible for secure income.
Thank you for your interest so far. If you are truly at a time in your life looking for certainty in uncertain times and want to start with a true reason WHY along with a PLAN and ACTION let's talk. We are willing to work with you if we both see a fit for each other. If you are open and willing to have a conversation for what could be possible with the RIGHT Mentors, the RIGHT Company and the RIGHT product line connect with us. If you are not at that time in your life please forward this website to someone you think we can help.
This website is owned and managed my Marci Nish Stedman. and ++61 414 383 103
The world is changing very fast, it isn't the same way we know of the past. If people do not stay on the front foot of change and find good solid people to partner with the future is very uncertain. We have nothing to hide and everything to be proud of.. Life doesn't fit in the box of what we grew up with or our parents.. Time to think out side the box and truly create a life by design with true real residual income for certainty and a life long legacy of helping others.
Many Direct Selling Companies only have a monthly re-order rate of between 15-30%
Current and Future Business Forecasting
Forecasting current and future market trends are critical for a company's stability. Without future thinking companies will stagnate and leaders will suffer. Our private manufacturer brings the current and future trends of eco/green shopping, together with online/membership, and solid stable company. People are looking for certainty in very uncertain times, we are providing CERTAINTY..
Our E-commerce Online Shopping Manufacturer is one of the largest in the world and leading the manufacturing industry in several categories all consumable.